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Duro DI-KT968 Kawasaki Mule

Duro DI-KT968 Kawasaki Mule£66.00  -  £73.80

Duro DI-K551

Duro DI-K551£66.00  (1)

Duro Buffalo DI2010 (E Marked)

Duro Buffalo DI2010 (E Marked)£51.80  -  £105.40  (21)


OTR MAG 350£139.95

SunF A043 Radial (E Marked)

SunF A043 Radial (E Marked)£68.94  -  £104.58  (10)

Duro Power Grip DI2025 Radial

Duro Power Grip DI2025 Radial£73.80  -  £104.38  (1)

Duro Power Grip DI2039 Radial

Duro Power Grip DI2039 Radial£85.00  -  £99.00

SunF A024 (E Marked)

SunF A024 (E Marked)£86.24  -  £97.55  (3)

SunF A021 (E Marked)

SunF A021 (E Marked)£38.01  -  £72.85  (14)

Duro Excavator HF274

Duro Excavator HF274£46.25  -  £61.05

SunF A040 (E Marked)

SunF A040 (E Marked)£82.41  -  £94.34

Kenda K299 Bear Claw (E Marked)

Kenda K299 Bear Claw (E Marked)£68.45  -  £117.48  (2)

SunF A033 All Terrain  (E Marked)

SunF A033 All Terrain (E Marked)£68.86  -  £99.72  (5)

SunF A005 / A017 (E Marked)

SunF A005 / A017 (E Marked)£43.78  -  £64.80  (5)

Maxxis Bighorn Radial (E Marked)

Maxxis Bighorn Radial (E Marked)£100.34  -  £150.50

CST Ancla (E Marked)

CST Ancla (E Marked)£80.19  -  £144.18

CST Street (E Marked)

CST Street (E Marked)£71.28  -  £106.92

Kenda K587 Bearclaw HTR

Kenda K587 Bearclaw HTR£88.40  -  £129.20  (3)

Maxxis Sur Trak C9208 (E Marked)

Maxxis Sur Trak C9208 (E Marked)£72.90  -  £98.82  (2)

Kenda K538 Executioner (E Marked)

Kenda K538 Executioner (E Marked)£79.18  -  £132.60

SunF A007

SunF A007£32.04  (4)

BKT Wing W207

BKT Wing W207£67.53  -  £127.50  (4)

BKT AT 108

BKT AT 108£46.25  -  £99.90  (5)

Duro HF 243

Duro HF 243£54.11  -  £75.93

Maxxis Rubicon (M983) Oversize

Maxxis Rubicon (M983) Oversize£97.92  -  £127.44

CST Abuzz (E Marked)

CST Abuzz (E Marked)£97.20  -  £168.48  (2)

Protector Scarab (E-Marked)

Protector Scarab (E-Marked)£60.45  -  £70.30

Wanda P349 (E Marked)

Wanda P349 (E Marked)£81.51  -  £93.28

Duro HF 240

Duro HF 240£19.00  -  £51.80

Duro HF 240 Knobbly Quad / Trailer Tyre

BKT AT 109

BKT AT 109£48.10  -  £71.23

Innova Racer (E Marked)

Innova Racer (E Marked)£48.38  -  £89.73  (5)


This section features a wide range of tyres suitable for use on most of todays popular buggies and road legal karts. We have buggy tyres that are suitable for Quadzill RL 500 Mk2, Joyner, Storm and various other makes and models. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to talk you through the tyres available.