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ATV Low Pressure, High Speed Trailer and Caravan Tyres

Agricultural trailers, livestock trailers and caravans all require a higher speed rating, load index and ply rating. We stock a range of competitively priced high speed and commercially rated tyres that are suited to many of the more common and lesser known trailers. Ifor Williams, Batesons and many other manufacturers include some of the types of trailer that our tyres can be used on. We have also become known for offering a good range of excellent quality and competitively price touring caravan tyres. It is important that the right choice is made for these, as whether you are carrying your precious livestock to or from market or pulling your 'weekend getaway' the last thing you want or need is problems with your tyres.

We stock several ranges of trailer tyres to suit a huge array of applications. Our low pressure ATV trailer tyres offer fantastic value for money and are available in several different patterns. We also stock trailer tyres for use on farm and agricultural machinery, whether it be a cattle or sheep trailer or a high speed application for horse boxes. Our high speed trailer tyres are suitable for use on most of the major brands such as Ifor Williams and Batesons trailers.

We also have high speed trailer tyres for use on car transporters, box trailers and chassis trailers. These also include touring caravan trailers and we have a range of tyres at very competitive prices to suit.