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Our range of Turf and Lawn tyres has recently been expanded to enable us to offer a vast range of products, patterns and sizes for almost any application. We have built up a broad range of options from the leading manufacturers including SunF, Carlisle, Duro, Maxxis and Kenda. Our patterns include smooth / slicks which impact the least on delicate ground such as golf courses and greens and are ideal for pitch care applications. Block type for great all round capability and versatility which are found on most of todays lawn tractors and garden ride on lawn mowers. Chevron treads that give the very best grip for ride on lawn mowers and turf tractors, which are especially suited to areas and applications that need extra traction whilst sacrificing little in terms of damage to the ground.

Please click on one of the image links above to search for Lawn & Turf tyres. We have selected an extensive range of grass machinery tyres to cater for a wide range of needs and uses. Suitable uses are: Ride on mower tyres, golf buggy tyres, lawn tractor tyres, grass cutting machinery tyres, golf course tyres and green keeping equipment tyres. We stock a wide variety of different types for turf and lawnmower machinery including block turf tyres, zig-zag turf tyres, multirib tyres and tractive chevron tyres. Each of these has a different application so those looking for ultimate grip may need a tractive chevron type or those looking after putting greens may be looking for a smooth one. Whatever tread pattern you require, we have something to suit. We supply lawn and turf tyres from major manufacturers such as SunF, Carlisle, Maxxis, Duro, Kenda & BKT all of which offer a huge range of sizes. The majority of our products are held in UK stock so you get what you want and quickly!