7.50-16 BKT AS-504 TT 8PLY

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7.50-16 BKT AS-504 TT 8PLY

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Product Information - 7.50-16 BKT AS-504 TT 8PLY


The BKT AS-504 7.50-16 8PLY tractor, agricultural tyre is designed for agro-industrial use mainly in transport and soil tillage operations.  In some sizes the AS-504 is suitable for loading and hay harvesting applications.  The BKt As-504 is ideal for muddy grounds due to its excellent self cleaning properties and its increased grip.

LI/SS Free Rolling - 112A8

LI/SS Drive Wheel - 99A8


Tyre Size:  7.50 - 16
Rim Size:  16
PLY Rating:  8
Construction:  crossply
Load/Speed:  Free Rolling-112A8 Drive Wheel-99A8
Tubeless:  Tube Type

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