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145/70-6 Duro HF240
145/70-6 Duro HF240
50 in stock  50 in stock


145/70-6 Maxxis C829 Quad Tyre
58 in stock  58 in stock


145/70-6 Wanda P319 Knobby Quad Tyre
417 in stock  417 in stock


165/70-10 Artrax Fastrax Cut Slick Quad Tyre
No stock, please call  No stock, please call


16x8-7 Duro HF240 Quad Tyre
16x8-7 Duro HF240 Quad Tyre
50 in stock  50 in stock


16x8-7 Maxxis C829 Quad Tyre
69 in stock  69 in stock


16x8-7 Wanda P329 Quad Tyre
594 in stock  594 in stock


185/30-14 SunF A039 Low Profile Quad Tyre
53 in stock  53 in stock


18x10-8 Artrax MX Trax Racing Quad Tyre
23 in stock  23 in stock


18x10-8 CST Ambush Quad Tyre
49 in stock  49 in stock


18x10-8 Innova Power Gear Quad Tyre
11 in stock  11 in stock


18x10-8 Maxxis RAZR XM Quad Tyre
33 in stock  33 in stock


18x10.00-8 ITP Holeshot MXR6 Quad Tyre
6 in stock  6 in stock


18x9.50-8 Duro HF240 Quad Tyre
20 in stock  20 in stock


18x9.50-8 Innova Racer IA-8022 Quad Tyre
2 in stock  2 in stock


18x9.50-8 Wanda P361 Quad Tyre
238 in stock  238 in stock


19x10-9 Artrax MX Trax Racing Quad Tyre
9 in stock  9 in stock


19x6-10 Duro Scorcher Quad Tyre
12 in stock  12 in stock


19x6.00-10 ITP Holeshot MXR6 Quad Tyre
2 in stock  2 in stock


19x7-8 Innova Racer IA-8022 Quad Tyre
13 in stock  13 in stock


19x7.00-8 Wanda P330 Quad Tyre
668 in stock  668 in stock


Quad Tyres By Tread Pattern

We stock a huge range of quad tyres suitable for use on many of todays sport and racing quads. Our patterns include the SunF A027 which has a superb pattern and build quality for mixed terrain use, motocross and is e marked for road use. We also carry the Duro Hookups radial tyres which also offer a great quality construction and good trail and off road capability with comfortable on road manners. We also carry a large selection of road type patterns for both 10" and 9" quad rear wheels. These tyres offer the ultimate in grip and traction, reduced road noise and increased comfort on the tarmac.

We pride ourselves on being specialists in all things to do with quad bike tyres. Our vast range of quad tyres includes most of the leading brands of tyre including SunF, BKT, Duro, Maxxis, Kenda and many more. Our range has been developed to offer the best value for money tyres available in the market today. We stay clear of brands that are not up to our high quality standards as we believe they do not offer the value for money that our customers have come to expect from Terrain Tyres. As quad bike enthusiasts, we try and test all of our products to ensure that when you need advice, we can give you an honest opinion based on our own experience. We also have reviews on our tyre ranges that enable customers to give us feedback on the tyres they have purchased. The combination of our own experience and our customer feedback gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the right quad tyres.  Above is the complete range of quad tyre patterns that we sell. If you require any information on specification and suitable uses, we are happy to help.