23.5-25 BKT GR288 Grader TL 20PLY

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23.5-25 BKT GR288 Grader TL 20PLY

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Product Information - 23.5-25 BKT GR288 Grader TL 20PLY


The BKT GR288 23.5-25 20PLY tractor, industrial tyre is a versatile bias-ply tyre for graders or loaders.  The BKT GR288 tyre's self cleaning tread pattern provides excellent traction and due to its special cut and chip resistant compound you can also expect a long tyre life.  The BKT GR288 is ideal for use in construction, site preparation, road building and other soft or muddy environments.


Tyre Size:  23.5 - 25
Rim Size:  25
PLY Rating:  20
Construction:  crossply
Tubeless:  Yes

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